News - Four new pieces are available to purchase for your band to enjoy from PLC Music...

Island Whirl, Rondo Alla Turk, Song for the Skies and Breath of Souls ...

'Island Whirl' - Is a lively concert work is based on the traditional Scottish folk song 'An Eriskay Love Lilt'. It features an off-stage cornet and Celtic drums. It starts lively and full of energy as the off-stage soloist leads the ensemble. Then the music dies away to leave the traditional folk song playing. The piece then builds in excitement to a brilliant flourishing conclusion.

'Rondo Alla Turk' - is an arrangement for xylophone solo. It encapsulates the original score perfectly as it is full of zest and vigour. It is not for the faint-hearted and at a grade 8 standard for the soloist has a lot for them to get their teeth into. However, it is a great solo to play and shows off the xylophone in true virtuoso style.

'Song for the Skies' - is a beautiful hauting melody that has been composed for the E flat Tuba. It was commissioned by tuba virtuoso Les Neish and shows of the wonderful sonority of this great instrument. A must-have addition to any tuba soloists repertoire.

'Breath of Souls' - is the set test piece for the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain 2011. The piece is in three distinct sections - fast, slow and fast. It has plenty of technical work for every member of the band and each soloist has a choice of two cadenzas to play.

The beautiful haunting melody in the middle featuring the solo cornet and euphonium gives the opportunity for the conductors to really shape the music and put their own 'musical stamp' on their performance. With a very exciting coda 'Breath of Souls' will prove to be a real test for bands and conductors but a real winner with audiences attending the contest.

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