News - "Breath of Souls" On Line

The proof recording that Black Dyke Band recorded for Paul Lovatt-Cooper's National Final's piece "Breath of Souls" is now available to listen on line.

The Black Dyke Band held a proof reading session of Paul's first draft of his composition "Breath of Souls" and then recorded it for a presentation evening. The presentation evening was organised by MD Dr Nicholas Childs to provide an informed introduction to Paul´s new work, as well as give the opportunity to ask questions of the composer and gain some early insight into his new composition and especially its multiple-choice cadenzas with the help of some of the band´s principal players.

Paul held a talk and synopsis of his composition for the 100th National Championships which you can read about here:

Usually, when a new work is chosen for a contest, the adjudicators are provided with either a Midi or a Sibelius recording of the piece. However, with Black Dyke not taking part in the competition they were able to record a run through of the piece for the benefit of the adjudicators to hear the full timbres and colours that wouldn't be available to them with just a Midi/Sibelius version.

The recording of "Breath of Souls" is available below as well as each cadenza section.

When listening to this performance of "Breath of Souls" by the Black Dyke Band it is important to note the following information about the recording:

* This recorded performance of "Breath of Souls" has been recorded and produced for the sole purpose to act as a guide for the adjudicators, audience members, performers and conductors prior to the contest.
* This recording including its interpretation, shape, balance and tempo choices does not represent the exact musical wishes and interpretations of the adjudicators and how they expect to hear each performance on the day of the contest.
* This is a recording of the first draft of "Breath of Souls" and amendments to the final published score and parts have taken place since this recording.
* The Black Dyke Band ran through "Breath of Souls" piece once prior to recording it - so you will hear some small untidy sections and wrong notes within the performance.
* Due to the choice of two cadenzas for each of the six soloists, there are two versions of "Breath of Souls" to listen to. This is to make sure you can hear all the different cadenzas within the performance. However, it is important to note that with the different combinations of solos within a performance, potentially there could be 64 different performances.
* For your enjoyment, all the different cadenzas are available to listen to individually by clicking the instrument links.
* Bands will not be penalised on their choice of cadenzas.

Breath of Souls version 1
Breath of Souls version 2
Euphonium Cadenza 1Euphonium Cadenza 2
Flugel Cadenza 1Flugel Cadenza 2
Soprano Cadenza 1Soprano Cadenza 2
Trombone Cadenza 1Trombone Cadenza 2
Eb Bass Cadenza 1Eb Bass Cadenza 2
Horn Cadenza 1Horn Cadenza 2

The composer Paul Lovatt-Cooper would like to personally thank Dr Nicholas Childs and the Black Dyke Band for taking time out of their already busy schedule to run through and record "Breath of Souls"

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